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drc“I have struggled with a strong addiction to processed carbohydrates and sugar most of my life.  Even after being educated in the field of nutrition and health and being fully aware of the damaging effects of excess sugar, my efforts in trying to quit seemed to be in vain. At times I felt like I had schizophrenic tendencies. I knew what I should be doing, yet often found myself being the instigator of the opposite.

I know the struggle first hand.  I have fallen off the wagon repeatedly.  I have been “good” and I have been really, really “bad”. I have been disgusting. I have pulled donuts out of a trash can in the middle of the night… more than once. I had issues!
I don’t do that anymore. Because I have experienced the difference of keeping out processed carbohydrates and sugar… LONG ENOUGH…after several attempts… to reap the benefits. And the benefits are amazing. My body looks healthier and better. My energy level is nice and even throughout the day. My mood is better. It’s a bit easier to get up and get going in the morning. My athletic abilities have improved without training more. My joints feel better. I don’t feel like taking a nap after a meal. My blood work is better.

I say that it is amazing, because I still find it surprising that I can experience this many benefits, without taking a concoction of chemicals. I’m simply eating differently. It feels great to be in control of at least this one aspect of life.  It’s not a struggle anymore.

On a rare occasion, when I do “slip” a little, I immediately notice the negative consequences of what I ate. Bloating, queasiness, discomfort, decreased energy, nausea, sleepiness…and sometimes even swelling. These reactions make it easy to get back on track. Because I miss my new “drug”… my addiction… to feel good just by what I eat. I don’t need to will against my desires anymore. Because my will is more in sync with my desire.

Everyone has heard the following phrase: “You are what you eat”. But very few take it to heart and actually act accordingly. Mostly because they think the phrase is an exaggeration and not worth the effort. And so they don’t ever fully “try it on”. My goal and my mission is to help as many people as possible actually “try it on”…. LONG ENOUGH to persuade themselves the opposite. Have as many people as possible discover for themselves how the food they eat, effects their life.”


Dr. Christian Middelthon

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