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Weight loss testimonials   

 Jill Eckman:

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David Magedman:

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It was four years ago that I started a journey that would change my life forever. In order to take you on this journey with me I need to go back to when it all started. From the time I can remember I was always active, playing competitive sports in high school and college and on my wedding day I was in the best shape of my life.

At 28 years old life was good. By 30 my first child arrived, unemployment followed, than a new job, a second child at 33, and a new house I could barely afford. Those 3 years of lows and highs took a toll on my weight and health. At 5ft 7 inches and 204lbs I began to grow long hair because I thought it was cool, I really was very insecure with who I had become.

My clothes did not fit, I could not buy anything that I liked and hated the way I looked in the mirror. More importantly my back issues that I had since I was 18 had worsened greatly and I began to have knee pain from the excess weight I had been carrying.

After several years of dealing with this Dr. Christian Middelthon introduced Viking Health and the benefits it could have not only for the short term but for my long term health as well. At first I thought a 10 week program was going to be impossible to accomplish let alone the life style change that would happen down the road. I jumped in with both feet and did exactly what Dr. Middelthon asked of me. After the first week in the program I lost 10lbs. With immediate results like that, I was thrilled. After the first 6 weeks I had lost a total of 28lbs and after the 10 weeks were over I lost a total of 33. I finished the program at 159lbs and had no more pain in my knee and little if none in my back.

I have taken what I have learned from the program and have applied it to my daily life for the last 4 years. I have also included in my weekly routine a workout program 3 to 4 times a week and to this day I still weigh 159lbs.
Viking Health is not just some fad diet, it is a program that will change your life forever. I cannot thank Dr. Middelthon enough for changing my life. I won’t lie, it definitely takes hard work and determination but if I can do it so can you.

Thank You,
David Magedman  






Bertolucci1   Bertolucci2   Bertolucci3  
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Christian Middelthon helped me take off 40 pounds of fat in less than 3 months. I would not have believed that I could be this disciplined and yet with his guidance and support it actually was not a difficult accomplishment. His advice and reinforcement helped me stay the course and I had very little cravings for the kinds of foods that led me to gaining the weight. I have actually learned to eat differently in terms of portions and the kinds of foods so that I won't put it back on. The weekly appointments with Christian were really most helpful and the videos and articles he recommended were always quite relevant and reinforced what I was learning. The weigh in and measuring were also good tools since, sometimes my weight would not go down but I would lose inches instead. Initially I was really worried that I would not be able to stick with the reduced calorie diet, but while using the drops and supplements, my cravings for sweets and carbs were nonexistent. I would highly recommend Dr. Middelthon for anyone in need of a doctor who can motivate and educate them in reaching their goals.

Michael Bertolucci




Gwendolyn Before After


I am so thankful to have put my trust in Dr.Middelthon to lose weight! Since I am in the entertainment business, maintaining a certain weight is quite important. After having my last two children, I noticed I was struggling to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Even with a good diet and exercise, these pounds were not shifting. I had to make the commitment to get on the metabolism Reboot to lose 20lbs. Dr. Christian Middelthon told me he would be there for any question I had throughout the duration and he totally lived up to his words! He was available by text, phone, or email to answer any questions I had. I have to say that since losing the weight I feel so much better on the inside, and the offers for jobs have been rolling in non-stop! So I guess the outside of me must look as good too!! I am very grateful to now have better knowledge about how to eat better for my body, so that it can function at its best. I would recommend anyone trying to help themselves, to not only look better, but feel better, make an appointment with Dr. Christian Middelthon.
Gwendolyn Smith






Randy Karman 2        Randy Karman
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“I had put on a number of pounds I thought impossible to get rid of. Thanks to Dr. Middelthon and ChiroTHIN I was not only able to get back to a reasonable weight, I am much healthier. I lost close to 6” in my waist and my blood pressure has made a dramatic drop. I now have a better handle on eating healthy and am quite motivated in keeping the weight off”
Randy Karman from Burbank, CA








I never considered myself a “bad eater” or an unhealthy person.  I was aware of what it took to eat clean, but was too afraid to make these changes in my own life.  This program challenged me to create a new perspective on health and to develop a new relationship with food.  Establishing new habits isn’t easy, but this program supports and educates you throughout the journey.  Trust me, you will love the results! Today, I feel more energized, cleaner, and happy with my body.  I now understand what it takes to be healthy and to treat my body with the care that it needs.

Megan Hamm







I've never been overweight but it doesn't mean I didn't struggle with my weight. There were always extra 10 pounds lingering in my "lower body area". Healthy vegetarian diet and daily exercises helped to keep the weight from going up, but it never went down more than a couple of lbs. I would stay in the same weight for years and won't feel comfortable in my swimsuit. I wasn't sure if there was any solution for me.
While at Dr. Middelthon's for a chiropractic visit, I noticed that he promotes the ChiroTHIN diet that would make you lose up to 40 lbs! I didn't need to lose more than 10, but the description of this homeopathic made me curios. I decided to try it. It was one of the greatest things I've done for my body, my health and my self-esteem! I felt healthy and alert throughout the entire diet. I was able to walk with my dog every morning and feel great unlike on most low-calorie diets. I was also happy about losing the weight from the desired area. All that while feeling satisfied with the meals the diet allowed! I also went to a doctor's for long-ago scheduled blood tests which showed the best results! I didn't tell the doctor I was on the diet, but I didn't feel at that point like I was on one... The thing is, you just feel like you're being healthy and taking care of yourself. With any other diet, you feel like you're depriving yourself, you start obsessing over food... Not on the ChiroTHIN diet!
One of the most important parts of the diet was the weekly meeting with Dr. Middelthon for measuring up and monitoring the results. I felt inspired every time having just learned that the inches were melting off of my thighs and hips!
I would highly recommend this diet to anyone who's struggling with weight. Go ahead and try it--it's worth it and... it's fun!

Sasha from Los Angeles, Ca.

 Jay small
After recently turning 30 I decided to quit smoking. Two years later I suddenly realized that half of my wardrobe was going completely unused. The clothing was in good shape and still in style?  The problem was that I couldn't fit into anything anymore. Somehow in the blink of an eye I managed to gain an extra 35lbs. I knew that I was gaining weight but I had no idea that it had spiraled completely out of control.


I work in the film industry and endure very long hours on the job. I often don't have time to sleep much less work out on a regular basis. Combine that with the fact that I'm constantly surrounded by tempting delicious food (catering and craft service), losing a ton of weight didn't seem like a realistic goal I could achieve.

I needed some help and needed it fast. When Dr Middelthon suggested I try out the ChiroTHIN diet I was at first skeptical. I did research online and found a lot of conflicting information regarding the program. I ultimately placed my trust in Dr Middelthon's advice and took on the program.

The program was at first challenging but I found that the weekly check-ups and weigh in sessions provided more than enough motivation to hold strong. Having Dr Middlethon keeping an eye on my physical well being put my mind at ease and having the actual hard numbers charting my progress gave me something concrete to hold onto throughout the diet.

Ironically I ended up working on a popular gourmet food based program throughout the diet so I was surrounded all day at work by gourmet food. It was a definite test of my will power!

That said, the diet (when following the rules strictly) is actually quite easy. I never felt hungry or worn out. I always had plenty of energy and never experienced hunger pangs. I cooked many of the recipes from the ChiroTHIN cookbook to keep things varied (the chili is particularly good). The fact that I couldn't workout was actually a real benefit due to my working conditions.

I ended up losing 35lbs and bringing my BMI down to a healthy level (from a dangerously high level previously). On another note my doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol medication but after I completed the diet I had my blood tested. The doctor was amazed to see my cholesterol levels drop down to a very healthy level and decided that going on medication was totally unnecessary.

It's been over a month since I completed the diet and I feel great. I've maintained my weight and established a new set point. It has taken some changes of habits but I don't feel like I'm living a totally different life (in terms of my eating habits). I make healthier choices overall and with only occasional indulgences my bodyweight is holding steady. I feel like a new person (or at least like the person I was at 25). On top of all that it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe. The clothes that have been collecting dust in my closet for years are now getting back into the rotation.  

Thanks Christian for everything!

Jay from Los Angeles, CA





Delia and Raul 2012                     image3 2
Before   After


For the past 8 years, I have had Diabetes Type 2. I had not so healthy eating habits and I paid the price. After many years of taking the medications to fight off the symptoms of Diabetes, I never knew of how to stop the cause, until I was introduced to Dr. Christian Middelthon.  He is a Chiropractor who also successfully consults in the role as a Dietician.

Through Dr. Middelthon, my wife and I have learned that yes, we are what we eat.  He has taught my wife and I how to think about what you are going to eat and drink. I have lost just over 19 pounds and have been able to cut my Diabetic medications in HALF. My target weight is 175, I am about 5 pound away from that which would make my total weight loss about 25 pounds.  My Wife lost 30 pounds and we are both at the weights we were when we met 16 years ago. I sleep better, and I have the energy I thought we only could have when we were younger. The negative side effects of Diabetes that men suffer from have subsided greatly from my body. All of this, by merely taking a moment and just thinking about what we are contemplating to eat, and acting in a responsible manner for our health.

My Medical Doctor, is just amazed and encourages me to keep doing whatever it is I am doing with Dr. Middelthon. We simply cannot say enough positive and wonderful words about this good Doctor. He is very informative, thinks out of the box, innovative and imaginative. He also has great mannerism which is what we all want in a Doctor.  You will learn from him how to take control of your eating habits. We lost all this weight with the knowledge we gained from Dr. Middelthon.

We will never find the weight we lost ever again. We are empowered to take control and keep ourselves healthy. If you have a weight problem, if you have Diabetes like I do, contact Dr. Middelthon. You will be glad you did. I am glad I did, my wife is glad she did. He changed our lives and our world for the better.
Raul & Delia Estravit, Reseda, CA.



guneet before          guneet
Before   After


This has changed my life for the BEST !! I was visiting from India when a friend told me about Dr. Christian. He is so amazing and helpful and deeply knowledgeable. I have struggled with my weight all my life... I first could not believe that I will be able to do any weight loss considering I have PCOS and it's just soo tough to loose any weight... I joined the program and I immediately started seeing results. At every step I would ask Dr. Christian and he would be very willing to guide and explain the basic of how the food and body works... I was surprised how little I knew about how a body reacts to food! I lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks and was able to maintain it very well.

I traveled back to India while on the diet and we would do Skype consultation. He was also always available on Whatsapp to answer my questions. It all worked out very well. I am now back in LA and doing round 2 to reach my ideal weight! I really can't not imagine myself being the way I look right now and I have never been this low a weight. All my sugar and other health issues have also got sorted and I have normal blood results. I feel great on energy and feel very healthy :) My friends from India are signing Up for the program too as they can't believe the change in me. The change is in confidence and self esteem too. I feel great and so aware that I can now be anywhere in the world and I know what food is good for me and what not. Here is to new life! Thank you Dr. Christian, you are amazing and I am so so happy to have met you and thank you for sharing The knowledge which I will cherish all my life!
Guneet Guncha, from India, Date 10/23/2016


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