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1. How does the Light work to shrink the fat cells?
Light energy emitted by the Vevazz body contouring machine safely penetrates the patient's skin. At specific frequencies, coherence and power settings, fat cells absorb the electromagnetic energy from the light. When enough energy is absorbed, transitory (short-lived) pores form on the surface of the fat cells. Water, glycerol and free fatty acids then leak out of the fat cells and through the body's natural cleansing system are released into circulation to be processed and removed naturally. This is just like what happens when you exercise.

As a result, the fat cells are smaller which results in loss of inches, fat loss and often a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

2. Don't people have to just diet and exercise to lose weight?
Some people who do all the right things, and are mostly healthy and fit, still have that one problem area, no matter what they do. Vevazz body contouring can reduce the problem of stubborn fat in a person’s “problem area.”

3. How long does it stay off?
No matter what people do, drugs, surgery, pills, potions, or even diet and exercise, if they don't maintain a healthy lifestyle, they will not maintain their weight/fat loss. This process is no different.

4. Is it safe?
Absolutely. Not a single known side effect.
The LED treatments are completely non-invasive and clients feel nothing but a warm sensation.

Untitled 45. Do patients have to do other things?
Only for greater results. Fat loss of 3-10 inches is feasible with only minor lifestyle changes in 12 treatments. For greater fat loss, lifestyle changes like diet and exercise are needed. Combining the Vevazz treatments with the Reboot Diet at Viking Health results in a loss of 8 – 23 inches.

6. What kind of results are produced?
The average patient loses 3 - 10 inches in 12 treatments. People who make minor lifestyle changes, are on the higher end of the average, and those who don't, the lower end.

7. What is involved?
1 – 2 sessions per week. Each treatment last approximately 30 minutes. You relax in a comfortable position while a trained technician places two - sixteen multi-light paddles and two smaller lights to the target areas. Then lay back, relax. The laser paddles target adipose (fat) tissue externally through skin for ten minutes per treatment area. Then ten minutes on a vibrating platform for exercise and lymphatic drainage.

8. Where does the fat go?
That fat is used in normal metabolic processing-just like when you exercise and release fat.



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