The Key to Your Nutritional Success

A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test should be the foundation of any sensible eating and overall nutritional strategy. The number of calories your body burns at rest accounts for roughly 70% of your total caloric burn throughout the day. By knowing your RMR, we can determine a calorie target that is specific to your unique physiology, and appropriate for your health and fitness goals.

How many calories do you burn at rest?
The Viking Health Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR) helps you identify precisely how many calories your body requires to simply exist; breath, carry out subconscious metabolic processes, etc. Accounting for approximately 70% of the calories you burn daily, now you can get an even better idea of target calories to burn during your daily activity and exercise.

Eliminate the guesswork. An individual’s requirement for energy and how they burn that energy is different for everyone and depends on their exercise regimens. If you are unaware of how many calories you bring in or burn during a 24 hour period, accomplishing your health, fitness, and physique goals can be quite daunting.

Fine tune your exercise and nutrition programs. By understanding your RMR you now have the ability to tighten up your specific nutritional requirements based on the type of exercises you do, how long you do them and how often. We will also help you identify your Physical Activity Level (PAL), which will help us help you in determining your daily caloric intake.

How It Works

metacheck 1It’s a quick, comfortable 10 – 15-minute breath-by-breath analysis test conducted at rest. We capture the number of calories that you are capable of burning while in a rested state and provide you with an actionable report that you can use to improve your exercise and nutritional regimens. Additionally, you will learn what % of carbohydrates vs. fats you are using while at rest.








What We Measure

At Viking Health, we deploy precision-based breath-by-breath testing to measure the number of calories that you burn at rest while simultaneously determining what % of carbohydrates vs. fats you are capable of burning.

Metabolic Rate (RMR)
Your metabolic rate (RMR) is the total number of calories your body is capable of burning while at rest. It represents the baseline number of calories you require to perform normal, everyday and subconscious processes such as metabolic processes and breathing. It is also commonly known as the number of calories you need to maintain your lean muscle mass.

Lifestyle & Activity Calories
By determining your RMR, we are able to estimate the number of calories you burn while performing your daily tasks and activities such as working, engaging in your hobbies, walking, climbing stairs, etc. Your lifestyle and activity factors account for a considerable portion of the calories you burn daily.

Exercise Calories
Another estimation and projection we can assume based on your resting metabolic rate is the approximate number of calories you burn during exercise. Please keep in mind, this is considerably different for each person and depends on the type of exercises you do. In general, we estimate this based on the calories you would burn during 30 minutes of moderate exercise.

Metabolism Comparison
Your Viking Health RMR report enables to see how your metabolic rate compares to a typical person of similar sex, age, height, and weight. Do you have a slow, normal, or fast metabolism?

Caloric Target Zones
Everyone sets different goals and require different plans to get there. Either way, your metabolic rate report can also enable you to set targets and goals so you can better understand how to maintain your current weight, lose weight or be within a medically supervised zone. Keep in mind, these targets and zones are different for everyone. Get your RMR test and see what yours look like!

Resting Metabolic Rate Benefits

At Viking Health, we prioritize your health, fitness, and overall well-being by providing you with some of the best information available on the market. Our RMR testing is some of the most actionable data we can place at your fingertips.

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