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Viking Health is open and accepting new clients. Due to the severity of COVID-19 we are following all CDC guidelines and recommendations. For more questions talk to a team member and call the clinic at (310) 730-9920


Weight loss Coach, Chiropractor in Encino

We accompany you on your journey to health & healing through our simple but proven 12 week weight loss reboot diet. Our program is predicated upon providing our patients with cutting edge weight loss information & education about the science of weight loss, the role of sugar, fat and insulin and how our body react to the food we feed it. Our all natural 4 phase dietary approach to the weight loss works quickly and efficiently to ultimately transform our patients into the best most empowered version of themselves as most typically lose 15-40 lbs in as little as 6 weeks & even lose more through the completion of our 12 week cycle. Weekly visits keep patients on track and accountable. Click our testimonials page to hear impactful success stories from our program.

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