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Reboot Box Supplements

•  Reboot Drops- Maintains metabolism and allows body to efficiently convert stored fat into energy
•  Reboot X- Maximizes fat metabolism during the low-calorie diet
•  B-12- Assists in keeping energy up
•  CraveLess X- Decreases appetite in terms of hunger and cravings
•  Measuring tape
•  Food scale


Remote Reboot

Diet from a Distance!
Dr.Middelthon provides virtual sessions on Skype and Zoom for patients who want to reboot their diet remotely. Near or far, we are here for you!

Inclusions for Remote Reboot Program

• Reboot Box
• Weekly visits are used to provide guidance and coaching support. They also allow time to clarify any questions or concerns. These visits involve check-ins on eating habits, any necessary adjustments that optimize each individual's results, and weigh-ins as well as body measurements to track progress
• The Viking Health app allows you to track your progress, motivate yourself, and keep your focus on the weight loss program.


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Remote Reboot: 


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